Don’t Know What to Name this One

Hiii, I’m literally so tired, all I want to do is sleep. I have to do so much homework and I really just want to go to bed. So yeah I doubt I’ll read any posts tonight so sorry but I’ll catch up later.

This is very different with a lot of my friends, but for me I slightly like a lot of guys and barely ever like just one person a lot. BUT this happened to me for the first time in three years, a couple months ago. I had (have? it’s complicated) a crush on this guy named Brandon. He is really close to our friend group and he’s shy, skinny (I think he’s self conscious about that, I don’t mind), and gorgeous (even tho my friends like to say otherwise smh). I have no clue why but I randomly started really liking him so I told him I do, and he was like “You’re like a sister to me” and I was kinda salty. Things aren’t awkward now or anything but I literally just can’t stop hoping he likes me, it’s so stupid I wish my brain could just forget about it. Idk I just hate it so much, I feel like I’m digging myself into a hole, if I don’t get over him then I’ll just be stuck in the friendzone forever.

You guys know about David, but there’s another weird kid that seems to like me. His name is Noah and he literally only has one class with me, we barely talk, which makes it weirder. I think he’s slow, I don’t think he has an actually mental disability he just doesn’t know how to talk to people. But anyways he keeps on doing weird shit that makes me really uncomfortable. He pats my head, touches my hair, and is just generally annoying. Yesterday I was wearing a dress with thigh high socks and was sitting on the ground with my friends. He sat down next to me and said “Are these attached to your tights” and then grabbed my sock and pulled it. I was really weirded out because¬†you don’t just touch someone’s thigh freak. Why is it only weird people who like me ;_;

Noelle is flirting with David, at first I thought it would be bad because he would be integrated into our friend group, but now I’m actually glad because it diverts his attention away from me. He seems to really like her, she told me they hung out all today. The only annoying thing is that he sat with us at lunch, it seems like it’s becoming a common thing for him to do, and because Noelle is talking to him it will probably only get worse. I took the opportunity today at lunch to mostly ignore David and try to show him I am much, MUCH more interested in Brandon, I talked to Brandon the entire time XD. I can tell Brandon is kinda pissed off at everything Noelle is doing, him and my friend Brooke really hate David. They literally ask him what he’s doing here when he sits with us and whisper go away loudly to each other (XD omg they’re so mean).

SOO yeah, I’m going to bed now, hopefully I won’t ever wake up (lol jk jk). Okei byeee <3

2 thoughts on “Don’t Know What to Name this One”

  1. Damn, if someone touched my thigh I would punch them, ew.
    Anyway, good luck with your homework! It’s Wednesday and half of the week is done already, so hang in there and you can get some sleep on the weekend

  2. Noah sounds like he has Asperger’s Syndrome or autism. They can be very bright, but clueless socially. Not much facial expression. They will do odd things like touch your hair, not thinking through that it is invasive. Affect —that’s the word I was looking for. Not much affect. Sometimes they will talk on and on about something of interest only to them. Does that sound like Noah? Set boundaries, but be kind. He means no harm, if he is autistic. Good luck!

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