I’m My Own Person

Does anyone ever get compared to a sister or a brother or anyone else so much that it’s like you aren’t your own person? Like everything about you has to be the same because you’re just like some little clone of them? Well if not you’re lucky. I met my new group of friends through my old mentor/sister and she introduced and described me as her “mini me” now that’s fine we are a lot alike. But we are not the exact same and I feel like no one really understands that. 

Like yesterday I was feeling really down about myself and I asked a simple question for their opinion and they decided that because I was just like her that it would be the same for both of us. Only the thing is that because of everything we aren’t the same. I have different feelings and reactions than her and she’s not me or I’m not her or however that succession goes. But just because she’s motherly and kind, everyone thinks that I’m pretending when I’m sarcastic or sassy or that it’s cute how much I’m like her and I hate it. 

I adore my friend and my new friends too, but I just don’t know if I can keep taking the stress of feeling like I’m not living up to the name of Cleothemagicdragon, although it was my name first and I let her use it but that’s not the point here I guess. 

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