It’s All In The Cards

My latest hobby has been learning about various tools of divination.

Divination – An attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way standardized process ritual.

My method of choice? Tarot cards. There are 78 cards in a deck (separated into 2 categories – major and minor arcana). You draw them, lay them out in a spread in order to tell a story. Everything has meaning: The card itself, its position, its allignment to the other cards, even the order in which it was drawn from. The spread choice is also important. They range from aiding in career, love, success, and so much more. Some of the spreads are simple, like the  3 card spread. The most standardized one is the celtic cross, which is sort of complex when you are just starting off.

Snoochie has been my biggest advocater. She wants a reading every day. After I gave her a rather negative reading today about her dreams to run a haunted house (the cards showed little chance of success in this pipe dream) she asked if she could give Deedee a reading.

I don’t think any of our futures were correctly predicted tonight, but sheer shenanigans ensued. The girls took turns laying the cards out. They made up stories based off the pictures. The stories my whacko girls made up were down right hilarious. Apparently, Deedee is going to be a thief in college so she can buy her expensive Angelic Pretty dresses. This is very un- Deedee like behavior. It would also seem that the cards suggested that some one would provide her with the funds in the end (this is very likely).

It is funny the way these cards work. I gave a friend a reading today. He said I was spot on. I’m having trouble believing this because what the cards said about him was so much deeper than what I know of him. It’s like I described a whole other person! Still, my words meant something to him and that is what matters. When I deliver a reading, I am just the messenger.

One of the things I like is that the cards have you use your own intuition.  Yes, each one means something, but that some thing will change from reader to reader. Its an interpretation. The same lay out of cards can actually mean so many different things. It’s up to us to look at the context to assign a meaning.

I love all things that are personalized to me. I love the energy from my possessions. There really is not anything spiritual about buying a standard deck of tarot cards off of Amazon and yet, I am suppose to form a relationship with these foreign things. That’s right. I need to know AND feel all 78 cards. To set my deck with my energy I’ve begun stashing them in my purse and taking them out with me. I’m hoping that by keeping them close, it will give them more worth… you know… as much as a deck of cards could every actually have.

At the end of the day, Our futures are quite simple. There future is what we make. What we do today will bring us to tomorrow. 

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  1. I love the symbols on the runes. It gives me this feeling that I’m having an ancient secret bestowed upon me. There are certain runes I like to use as icing on the cake (like stitching one on the inside of my purse for protection).

    Runes have been popping up more and more around me. Prehaps I should invest in a set.

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