Skate Tuesday and Jimmy Kimmel show

Today, I checked out one of the things from my bucket list. Going to go see Jimmy Kimmel show taping. It came into my list when I moved back to Chicago from LA. I realized back then despite spending over 6 months in LA, I didn’t really do anything beside playing a video game called Diablo. When I moved back to LA from Chicago, it became a solid thing in my todo list. So glad I checked that out! Thanks to Jo who went there with me. Otherwise I probably ended up working at the office. It was a great experience to see a national television show filming and it was also very amusing to watch. It’s actually on air now in LA.

Work was pretty good! Got all things done I planed. Have more work in a line tho. I thought I was getting sick yesterday but I felt so much better today so I went work and actually did everything I usually do. Skating was great too! One of my frame is got loose but I was able to finish the entire skate. Back home right after the skate and taking some time to wrap up my day. 11:42 PM already tho. Well, gotta go sleep. I still need more rest to get back to the normal life routine.

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