Types of Friends

We have crossed paths with one person that made you feel like you can conquer the world with them. That mental wavelength is so spot on, that people would cringe being around the two of you or more of you. There are some that may have decided to take another road, you may have married them, or just lost touch with. I look at friendship like food. There is such an array of choices but we have our preferences on what we would like to have now and then. Allow me to explain.


*There are the sweet ones (cupcakes, chocolate pie), looks sometimes matter but you can’t help with just how cute they are! But there’s always a hint of regret when around them.

*There are the healthy ones that make life better (grilled vegetables, fruits) but me personally these are my go to when I need help figuring things out.

*There are bland ones (like rolls or biscuits) that can’t be by themselves. You have to add something to the other in order to make them work in your life.

*The spicy (Curry, Salsa)… mmmm. You can’t help but fall for their enticement, but eventually, we will painfully regret it (I’m a constant victim to this but it is so worth it).

*You always run into, “Um…what’s this”? (Falafel, Ceviche, Casserole) Whether it’s a combination of sorts or something you haven’t tried yet, curiosity may take over for better or for worse…


It’s funny how this entry came about. My son asked me what is a friend and this popped in my mind. As always, I love sharing things with you and if I can squeeze a smile out of you or get you thinking, then that makes these early morning entries worth it.

You’re probably wondering what I am, in regards to the “Food Theory of Friendship”. To be honest, I cook so all the ingredients mean something to me. But if I were to choose, it would probably be a fruit. Some may find me sweet or sour but at least I was glanced at.

I just made myself hungry…awesome. Well, I hope this made you think of friends in your life that have come and gone. The impact they have or had is what we, as people, need…an understanding of who we are and what we can be.






2 thoughts on “Types of Friends”

  1. Your comparisons are rather on the mark. Taste is a very overlooked sensory tool, along with smell. Have you ever tasted excitement or had sorrow on the tip of your tongue? Two very different “flavors”.

    I have gotten to the point where I have become very fond of your posts. It goes smoothly with a nice, steamy cup of coffee.

  2. Reading and coffee always go well together and I’m really glad that you take the time to comment on my writing. I have, indeed, tasted excitement as for sorrow…I leave that up to the mind and heart to filter it for me.

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