Busy Wednesday

Did a lot at work today. I knew that I’m going to be busy today and I was prepared for it. Not sure that people actually know how much work I have done today but I’m proud of myself 😉 I even forgot to clean up GoodnightJournal today in the morning that I always do before I actually start my day at work.

Started with Zendesk theme. Figured out how it works and made a quick change to make it look more attractive. Important things is now I know how to make it even better! Spent rest of the day working on static pages. I was actually planning to set up the environment using node.js but ended up coding a page already. However, I need to spend more time figuring out improving current set up. Uglify seems to be working pretty good but still need to be watched as I or other developer work on the pages. I believe this will improve development process and optimization on final products. Gotta talk to Danilo tomorrow to make sure everything works good tho!

Got off at 6 PM and skated back to home. Drove to massage place on Melrose and got an hour massage from Groupon deal. It was probably the best one I got so far in LA. Felt much better after! Stopped by at Dosung’s place for dinner after then little bit of chat. Back home little bit after 10 PM and took a shower. Looked around some website to solve my cell phone situation. Gotta get a new one since the touch screen is acting weird but don’t really one any phone out there that catches my eyes. 11:07 PM now and feel pretty tired. Going sleep pretty soon! Goodnight All!

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