Could I Just Refuse to Go On This Field Trip?

I’m supposed to have a WH-Honors field trip to the Renaissance Festival on November 2nd, but I think it coincides with a physics test, so I don’t want to go. I didn’t even want to go beforehand, because the classes are filled with sophomores, and I only know like, two people. Also, I would miss all of my other classes, and I HATE missing classes, even when I have a good reason like severe sickness. I just want to go to class and be normal.

So yeah that’s that. I hope I can just like, ask my teacher if I can skip the field trip–unless it’s for a grade or something, which I doubt it is. The only reason I’m taking WH-Honors and not APUSH like the other normal juniors is because my dumb ass thought taking APUSH would have been too much to handle. I’m definitely regretting it now. I’ll have to take it next year, as a senior (with a bunch of juniors), when I’m going to take at least THREE other AP classes already (English, physics and calculus), so…Man, I’m really regretting it, really.

I still don’t know what I’m doing with computer programming. Thanks for the advice Observant Bystander, but we’re not making websites–we’re programming with Java code. It’s normally quite easy–it’s just the “base ten to base sixteen converter” that I’m having a hell of trouble with. My program can convert from ten to nine or whatever, but I can’t figure out how to add the “0123456789ABCDEF” to my binary output.

I went to the GSA meeting today, and there was a guest speaker guy who was super cool. He graduated from this school a few years ago, and he’s trans and non-binary and just super funny and awesome. We were having a really good time just listening to him talk (he did two spoken-word poems, amazing and powerful–I teared up) and then kind of getting to know one another. It was a really fun time, very open. I feel the most comfortable in the GSA meetings for some reason–the whole atmosphere is just really great.

Tomorrow I have Anchor.

I had a precal test today. I think it went fairly well–although I could be mistaken, because sometimes I think I did well, and then it turns out I did super badly. Eh.

Tomorrow is a geo test.

Friday is another timed writing. I’m nervous, because I didn’t do so well on the last one, and…I’m really afraid of getting a bad score on the next one.

What else…oh, I have to build my catapult this weekend. It’s due next Monday. Procrastination, my worst flaw. I really hope I don’t fuck the thing up. I also hope it works properly, so I don’t build it and it turns out to be useless, and I don’t have the time to make another one. That would suck.

I have a tiny crush on a boy. I thought I should mention it here even though it’s completely idiotic and absurd and illogical and stupid and it’ll probably go away after I become a little more emotionally stable and rational. Because I’m on my monthly gift and feeling really hormonal, ughhh.

Today a girl from the GSA called me adorable. I care more when girls compliment me than when guys compliment me; I think it’s because, on a general level, the girls in my life have been nicer and more honest than the guys.

Also, because girls. Girls are cute.

I promised myself I wouldn’t waste time, and would study from the time I got home to the minute I went to sleep, but I broke my promise by searching up piano playlists (I found a nice Disney one) and writing this journal. This thing gives me a chance to procrastinate while cheating myself into thinking I’m being productive. Because writing and self-growth and all that nonsense.

Have a good night and stay chill.

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