Doctor Strange 2016 Movie Review

Benedict Cumberbatch is a comic book hero, Dr. Stephen Strange, whose talent for neurosurgery is directly proportional to the degree of his arrogance. Operations are for him the meaning of life, so when he becomes a terrifying car accident, and his hands are forever tainted, he collapses the whole world. For the healing would do anything. When his Western medicine could not help but sets out to seek a mystical place Kamar-Taj, which is his last hope. Here he finds that his mission is much bigger than the state of the operating room.

His teacher Olde (Tilda Swinton), shows him not only as a cure, but it illustrates the existence of many other worlds that threaten us. And one of her former pupils, power-lusting Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen), soon to be one dangerous creatures opportunity to destroy us. Strange will have to quickly decide whether he wants to return to your life, or is willing to fight for the salvation of all mankind.

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Marvel Studios offers us a visually stunning spectacle, which they have failed until now. Who enjoyed the movie Inception (Inception) playing with gravity and various tumbling streets of the city, it may take a tiny taste of what Doctor Strange serves as a festive menu of many courses. There magical artifacts and mystical martial arts. In the passage, the ancient performs Strange Universe, we’ll feel – as he was – almost LSD. Music by Michel Giacchino is a little bolder than conventional mainstream pictures, and we can remember properly correspond with the film.

Benedict Cumberbatch in the role Strange introduce a beard, which his notorious facial give little new dimension, and his zmužnění is a nice change. Tilda Swinton is a teacher, a guide, centuries-old person who is not even a secret. With his bald head it becomes almost androgynous creature. Mads Mikkelsen and his unusual Danish accent convinced us already in the James Bond film, the charismatic bad guys are exactly his forte.

The rest of the ensemble cast in addition to these significant face a disadvantage, but manages its secondary role with honor, for example, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo and Benedict Wong in the role of Wong. Rachel McAdams as Christine representing the fairer sex, while “normal” people, not related to the world mystična. The scenes when something frightens always are pleasant oddychovkou. Otherwise, the humor we see most of the main characters of Dr. Strange, the situation commented dry voice-overs, but feel there could be more. The love story between him and Christine remains open, so it’s nice that the end avoided the romantic pathos.

Although it is a fun and balanced shot, viewers who do not enjoy comic adaptations, about as much about his qualities unconvinced. And the rest of us think we can look forward to the second part, which we promised at the end of subtitles (by the way, waiting for us just two encores, so stay really until the very end).

The visual aspect, that ceases to amaze us until the end of the film, action, bit of humor, good music, all built on a solid foundation of quality story with well-chosen actors. Tilda Swinton with a shaved head, impressively made-up Mads Mikkelsen and traditionally excellent Benedict Cumberbatch, all this makes the image of Doctor Strange, one of the best films of the year.


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