Feeling great

they say that without the bad days, you can’t appreciate the good days. And boy, that was absolutely true. This week had started off sucky but today was great. I got to school, wearing one of favorite outfits that I felt really good in and my first class was French which Haile is in , so the whole time we just talked and laughed. Zak wasn’t at lunch today so me and Haile actually got to talk about stuff that I had been holding back because Zak was around. Then I ended up not having homework at all!! The school gods had answered my prayers! I got home, got a significant amount of stuff done around the house and there on the couch was a little surprise for me.. My mom had ordered me Tokyo Treats (a Japanese snack subscription box. I’m obsessed with Japan) and she had ordered the big box where they gave me all the treats they were offering that month plus a bonus item!!!! today couldn’t have gotten any better. 

Pice also been checking out this guy in my Personal Finance class, his name is Antonio, and he is soooooo cute. He’s super tall and ricks a man bun. I asked Zak to try to hook me up because apparently they were friends but Zak said Antonio didn’t date in high school. Which is extremely disappointing but I still get the joy of staring at home for 2 whole hours everyday .

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