“God Made a Mistake”

I’m not feeling so well 🙁 I am extremely tired and I have an awful lot of aches and pains. At night I seem to feel quite…wound up. Then I realise I feel wound up right now because I haven’t taken my night medication…heh. Harry is good though, he is still loving playing with the saucepans, dustpan and brush and the broom! He has started to move on to the coloured chopping boards and the wooden rolling pin. And a hand juicer thing to juice oranges and lemons 🙂

Poem down below I wrote when I was 16 again! December 2004 I think. Just reflects how I feel at the moment. I’m feeling extremely bad about myself.

God isn’t meant to make mistakes

But he made me-

So He’s not as perfect as you think.


Just knowing I’m me

It makes me feel physically sick,

It makes it too hard to breathe.


Punishment is my drug

Carving scarlet portraits into my skin,

Bleeding the dirt from my soul.


Terrible secrets feed upon my sanity

Impossible to destroy,

Disturbing and evil.


I try to bleed myself dry

So none of me remains,

But my fear is too strong.


I’m filth.

I’m a mistake.

I’m me.

2 thoughts on ““God Made a Mistake””

  1. Thank you…I have plenty of these…well 95% of my poems are like this really 🙁 I cannot seem to continue my affirmations, I just really can’t think of any atm 🙁

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