“Happiness advantage” :) Day 1! oct. 27 10:29am

So i found an article today that i think it might be helpful for everyone 🙂 It is a 23 minute morning ritual to help boost and improve your positivity throughtout the day~

Here is the link: http://www.inc.com/marcel-schwantes/a-23-minute-morning-ritual-that-will-transform-your-whole-day.html?cid=cp01002wired&mbid=social_fb

And…!!!! 😀 as a part of it, i will be journaling a positive experience that happened to me in the last 24 hours to help my brain scan for positives instead of negatives! 🙂 Day 1!!

Yesterday, wednesday october 26th, i met with professor about my future publication, and professor had very minor changes and said (finally!) that we can send it to the editor for the final polishing as soon as i email him the changes today! 😀 after a conference we assisted together, professor, professor Kim and i then went to eat at my favorite rice cake place in town! 😀 wich resulted in me getting a free ride to the train station cause i was coming to Seoul yesterday! 🙂 I talked to my dad for like… an hour! something that never actually happens, so it was so nice to tell my dad about so many experiences and then getting home to see that amazing creature that life put in my way that i like calling “my boyfriend”. He is nothing but love to me, nothing but support, notheing but warmth… and THAT, that is something to be grateful for. HE is something to be grateful for <3 cause i have never been loved in such a way, or better said, i have never let myself be loved in such a way. In the middle of the night i said i was cold, and he immediately stood up and looked in the closet for a warm blanket for me <3 
Thank you God for all the good things in my life! 🙂


PS: oh!!! Babe had also cooked my favorite k-food for me!!!!! it was DELICIOUS! of course! 🙂

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