Happiness advantage. Day 2. Oct. 28, 6:38am

Three things that i am grateful for from yesterday:

1. Henry came to see me to Korea! 🙂

2. Nine, Nine is there, unconditionally. The talk we had yesterday, it was good to both of us i think.

3. Nova is also there having my back (she sent me the papers i needed for the publication! 🙂 )

One positive experience from yesterday:

Too many!!

The biggest one that comes to my mind is Henry coming to Korea! 🙂 I picked him up at the airport, we had delicious turkey ranch Quiznos, went to 여의도, 명동, Namsan Tower! 🙂 We took nice pictures and i came back home to find that amazing guy waiting for me ♡

We went to bed hugging each other and had that conversation about how he has been feeling lately, that he doesn’t feel like doing anything. That is not that he doesn’t want to do anything, he just feels “numb” about things. I told him that then i am so thankful for the fact that despite how he has been feeling the past few days, he has been making an effort for me (“나를 위해”). He said that no matter how he felt, he is always loving me unconditionally.

I am truly blessed to have such guy in my life. 


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