Jake Foster, after much deliberation, decided he very much liked being a prostitute. He came to this conclusion after a long and relaxing soak in the tub. He is here before us now having just climbed out of that ivory contemplation place.
As is his usual practice, he examines himself in the mirror with scrutinizing eyes. The deep set caribbean blues roll over his face and body, taking inventory of every shape, curve and muscle. His face, of the rectangular variety, is a jagged and high structure.  It is wrapped in impressive skin, smooth and nearly flawless save but a scar above his right eye. His hair is blonde and military-short. His brow line is hard and straight, but this creases as he arrives at his nose.  Ahhh his nose! A bit too large, it is his least favorite and most frowned upon feature.  Growing up, his grandmother always described it as ‘aristocratic.’ His neck is thick and aligns with his jaw. His chest, broad, and back, triangular. His abdominals are tight (brow relaxes now) Yes, very tight. . .His backend, full and quite high (A ‘wrestlers ass’ he was told by a client once.) His legs are thick, muscular and strong.
Satisfied with his self examination, he turns away from the mirror and reaches for the brown terry cloth towel hanging from the rail. Wiping the dew-covered counter dry,  he tosses the towel on the floor and exits the screening room.



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