Indian Motorcycle

On a happy note I have been riding my motorcycle more and more. I ride every day to and from work. And if i have to run and errand I will always try to do it on my motorcycle. I love my morning commute, it is dark and chilly, the air crisp and occasionally scented with a sweet waft of wood smoke drifting from a chimney.

The trip home is just as grand. I hop on the freeway as they call it around here, crank the throttle up till I hit 70 miles an hour, hit the cruise control and enjoy the trip home.

I had my 500 – 1,000 mile service a few weeks back and finally got my luggage rack and bumpers installed. I still have a store credit of about $500 and now I must decided what to get. I would love to get the Stage II kit installed to pick up the added horsepower and torque. That is $1,500 and the bike would be in the shop for probably a week.

Only time will tell what I do to the Indian next.

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