Please read i need feedback


The way those eyes light up

When you look at me

The way you make me smile even when i don’t want to be

But It’s you i look forward to seeing every day

On my good and on my worst days

To bad you’re just another use to be

i still have this rush when your name comes around to me

As if you were right next to me

                             Right when i walk in the room my eyes focus on you as if it was still meant to be

Why can’t you just be mine and as time passes by i start to wonder why

I can’t have you all to myself

But i realize that you’re not good to me i see you

Break hearts and realize all the things that you’ve done to me but truth is i think about you often

I miss your voice,i miss your smile that i use to get lost

In.I  know you know i have this thing for you,i never lost it

But i think i just lost my mind in the midst of nonsense

I close my eyes and dream about you

I wake up and find myself still thinking about you

but lately we’ve been distant and you see my soul got attached to yours

Now I’m stuck writing these words on this dirty bathroom floor

You hate yourself because you run from the people you love

And trust me i get i do but it’s all about keeping your faith with the man above

But instead of keeping the faith, you’d rather numb your pain with these crazy drugs rather than feel some type of love.

This is the part that hits me the most

You cry and you gloat like you’re the only person feeling some type of hurt

My anxiety is killing me I’m about to break.

I feel like I’m living in a world so fake

That I’ve lost touch of the real me

And lately I’ve had to take a step back and ask myself is this the real me

Oh man i just can’t take it anymore

I can’t act like I’m happy and complacent  and I’m screaming no more everytime i try to change it’s just the same as before

My mother always told me “this isn’t the way to live”

But if you’re feeling how I’m feeling

It’s just the way it is

But back to you

I guess we all change that’s why things have not been the same for me and you

But really who’s to blame

But i guess this is just another story

But who’s to claim

2 thoughts on “Please read i need feedback”

  1. I like this a lot too… The only suggestion I would have is to look it over for grammatical errors and maybe try to use better descriptors in place of words like “good,” “happy,” “fake,” and “crazy.”

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