• I keep sitting at home, trying to use this time usefully. Dads surgery was postponed for an indefinite time, at the end of this month we’ll get a call from the hospital to say the date of the surgery. 
    Orders for work are not a lot. Today I bought sketchbook A4 size (for a long wanted to buy it) oil pastels and black liners for drawing. I will try to draw every day to improve the quality of my works. Oil pastel I have not tried to paint, strange sensations, until do not understand like it me or not :)) but the colors are bright and saturated – it’s cool. But it has a big drawback – oil pastels difficult to blend. To my mind, sketches with colors is definately more enjoyable!

8 thoughts on “Today”

  1. I really love seeing your art work. You have so much talent. The lady in the picture reminds me of some many people I know. It has a really comfortable vibe to it. I like the use of the pastels, it gives it this strange, surreal quality to it.

  2. terri.brenneman, thank you) Russia is the country of contrasts and contradictions, this is the country of adult childrens ))) great nature and history ))

  3. Wow! I love the drawing, there’s so much feeling there and the colours are beautiful 🙂 I hope you’re having a good day today 🙂 what part of Russia do you live in? X

  4. Darylanna, I have a good day in a whole, but it`s so boring))) I want to communicate with people, but here I never had real friends, except my brother and his wife ) Permanently living in Moscow, but at last 2 monthes in westen part of country: Togliatty, named in honor of the Italian revolutionary))) little town with 700 000 people) came here to my parents, support them before dads surgery on heart.

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