Trolls 2016 Animation Movie Review

I had not been convinced by the first images of the film Trolls or by the synopsis, but I was ready to give them a chance. Perhaps because Muriel had boasted the groundwork crazy artists, perhaps because there was Anna Kendrick (love girl), perhaps because deep down I hoped was finally surprise, after like animals and the world of Dory. And surprise, I was, because nothing prepared me the end result, exasperating, disappointing, sad.

If one were to retain something positive, it would be the first five minutes. The introduction is rather original, with animation effect of glued paper (Poppy Princess is very good at scrapbooking). The entrance of the young prince of Bergens (the villains), rolling to build on his rickshaw, even managed to phish well the viewer. And when they discover that the trolls have disappeared, replaced by wooden replicas, I thought “cool, this little side meta reminiscent our plastic toys to us.” After that ? Then I vomited glitter for 1:25 while desperately trying to cover my ears.

The songs are linked together as fast as “springs” scriptwriting threadbare. Raw, yet catchy and popular, are quickly also annoying that the personality of the characters. I can not move me to the original version, but between adaptation lyrics of the film and their French translation, it is not spoiled. And the scene where the kitchen maid Brigitte sings of his love for the king, in a clip case probably wanted funny option methamphetamine-psycho-disturbing, is a nightmare … Ever wondered what would life be like if everyone world was singing all the time, the High School Musical? Trolls bring you the answer at your own risk.

I read my notes and I see “it sucks” and further “pity me out of there.” With a level of predictability to die of jealousy Weather France and dialogue worthy of Love Glory and Beauty, Trolls is a mass of most hackneyed all elements as each other. Not to mention it dripping with good feelings, lessons on optimism, friendship, love … All is as cupcakes and sequins. A recipe against whom I have nothing in general, far from it (My Little Pony remains in my heart), but revealing here too sluggish. If it was not stamped DreamWorks, Trolls not rival with the DTV supermarket bins. A shame.

It is a pity that the film has a very nice visual universe, colorful excessive and the Trolls, sad and cold in Bergens. We briefly discovers a bestiary that seems dangerous, and the idea of giving the “powers” haired troll is pretty good view (like how Branch is used as whip to drive spiders). And I was left all things before the trolls texture that perfectly recalls the fluffy coating soft toys of the time. Flashy visuals, full of energy, and that could have been so much better used with, say, simply, why not is to try a scenario?

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