We Found a Doggo Today

Hallo, so today was pretty great, 8/8

I’m pretty sure David is getting the message that I don’t like him (thank god), but unfortunately most of his attention is going towards one of my best friends Noelle. I say unfortunately because I just don’t want her to be with a guy like that. I said in my last post (i think?) that I was happy about them talking but I think that was pretty selfish of me because I wasn’t worried about Noelle at all. And I don’t want him hanging out with my friend group like AT ALL. I told Brandon today that David is going pumpkin picking with us and the rest of our friends this Friday. I thought Noelle probably already told him (sense she invited david), but Brandon just walked out of the room, a few seconds later he came back and seemed pretty pissed off. He asked who told David about pumpkin squad (which is my friend group’s festive name lol), at first he thought it was me and he got really mad, but I told him it was noelle and he got even worse. He said “Of course it was noelle. Why does she like him.” I told him I don’t know either.

Ethan, will,  and timmy were listening in when they saw how angry me and Brandon were getting. They asked who we were talking about and we said “David the nazi kid” (btw my school has less than 400 kids so everyone knows each other pretty much). They said that that guy is super weird. I decided to tell Brandon and Ethan all the weird cult stuff that David was talking about, I think will and timmy over heard. I hope that they don’t go tell on me to david like the freshman scum they are (lol jk, but seriously i hope they don’t say anything). (Btw where I live jokes about race, gender, rape, sexual orientation, mental illness, depression, suicide, and disability are all normal, so sorry if you’re offended or something) So I told Brandon that David wanted me to be the female leader of the cult and Brandon said, “Only females *wink, wink*”, i gave him a shut up face and he said “It’s practically rape.” I said, “I know right, he’s so weird. I hope noelle gets over him.” Then he told me to go find Noelle and talk to her about it. Me and Sarah went to go find Noelle but when we did we didn’t talk about anything so :/, I can’t really say who she can like or dislike but I feel really fake saying that I’m completely fine with her and David and that I’m fine with him hanging out with us.

ANYWAYS, a cool thing happened at cross country today. We were running on this rail trail and we found a really skinny and dirty dog just randomly there. It came up to us a started following us, but we were worried it was lost. So we stopped a guy on a bike and asked if we could use his phone to call the number on the dogs collar, we left a message saying we found their dog on the rail trail. But we had to go onto the road in less than half a mile and the dog was still following us, Nicole wanted to turn around but Brooke said that we would get in trouble if we didn’t do what the coaches asked, also Brooke thought the dog wouldn’t follow us on to the road. BUT as soon as we got on to the road the dog did too and it walked right into the middle of the street, we were so worried it was going to get hit by a car so we grabbed him and pulled him to the side. But the dog couldn’t run and we were really behind time and didn’t know what to do, we were practically walking. We were on the street for a while when suddenly a car pulled over and a lady said “I see him”, we went over to the car and were so shocked when she said she was the owner and that she got our message. She also said “I live up in the farms near the start of the trail, I don’t know how he always gets out.” I thought this was really weird bc the dog was very skinny and looked like he was a stray. Then we started running really fast, but a few seconds later we saw our coaches’ car drive past us, they pulled over and flashed their lights at us. We went over and explained why we were so slow, surprisingly they weren’t mad at us. When we got back we told the rest of the team what happened and they said that the dog is everywhere, two of my teammates said they have called and brought the dog back to the lady. I hope that dog is alright ;_;

Th-th-that’s all folks <3

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  1. Wow, that’s a very small school. I hope your friend Noelle doesn’t get hurt or anything because of her friendship with David. He sounds a little (well, really) creepy. You’re right to worry about her (and yourself). I hope the dog turns out okay, poor little buddy. Have a good day tomorrow.

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