It’s great waking up in the mornings (EST) and writing these entries. I obsessed over them as much as I do when I journal shop. The tireless efforts of coming up with different things to write about has always pushed me to find the words…but instead, they just naturally come out.

As you know, I have been writing since I was a kid. Anger and lust were usually the topics on this guy’s mind but it changed somehow. I can’t explain how it feels…shocking, huh? All I know is that it feels foreign but also trustworthy…like a lost family member.

There are amazing entries on here (coping with what we struggle with to whatever just comes out on the screen). Damn it, keep writing! Don’t be afraid of who you are and what you can do. We limit ourselves with an imaginary gate that keeps us from achieving what we really want out of life. I know for one, I’m not going to be laying there, in my old age, to regret that I didn’t live the way I wanted or achieve what I wanted to achieve. No!!!

*Whew…That was way too much for just one cup of coffee. What I’m getting at is I am going to leave my entries on here (GNJ) and move on to what I want to accomplish. We are on here to say what we don’t want to say in public or let the world know who we really are. Every entry I have read and typed really helped me find my niche in writing and I believe I’m ready to embark on this writing journey again.

With due respect to everyone’s entries and elegant pieces of writing, I swear on my word, I will not use any of it or call it my own.

That’s how serious I am. You don’t run into many friends that can call themselves friends, but not even knowing you…I trust that you believe that I am one to you. We have different styles of writing and perspectives on the world. Use them…not to write but mold them into something that you picture.

It was great, having such support on here, and I hope that you too will find your way to becoming a writer or resolving any issues you may have. I’ll leave you with this, a gift that inspired me to go down a different path.

“An artist can paint a picture worth a thousand words. A writer can create a world and life with fewer”.


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  1. Does this mean you won’t be on Goodnight Journal anymore? That’s sad, if so. I understand life goes on. We’re here if you miss us. If you miss writing to this particular family of people. We will sure miss you. God go with you and give you peace.

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