Dear Diary

I think my aunt is going to try and kill herself again. Mum and I were talking a little while ago and she was telling me about their conversations together over the phone. She doesn’t live here, she lives in another town a bit far away where her husband’s home is. She takes anti-depressant pills and she has already attempted suicide once. Her husband had raped her too many times to count but she couldn’t divorce him partly because she didn’t even want to, and partly because everyone refused to help her. She never had a job and it was an arranged marriage. Her son is autistic and abuses her. Her husband abuses her too. She’s kinda lost her grip on sanity and she would often talk about dying. The pills aren’t useful enough and they make her sick and insomniac. Mum says that she might try to kill herself again and maybe this time she might actually succeed. If she doesn’t the illness would kill her. Or maybe her son. 

Mum’s really upset too. I don’t know what to feel. I’m afraid and angry and sad and a few other emotions that I can’t recognise and I feel kinda numb. 

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  1. I hope your aunt will be all right. What a terrible situation. No wonder you don’t know how to feel. Try to pray for your aunt and for yourself, too. Lean on God. Bless your heart!

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