He walks down the stairs into the living room followed closely by Eddie, a very fat tabby cat.  Eddie and Jake have been long time companions after the two discovered each other in upper Manhattan. They regarded each other when passing and the rest was history. He attempted to get the wild thing into his backpack for nearly an hour and succeeded at last.  The two have been inseparable since, except for the three week period Eddie was ill and in the hospital shortly after he was discovered in that most unfortunate of neighborhoods.
Jake arrived home one day to the feline screaming on the floor and looking very unshapely, as if he had swallowed a piece of sporting equipment. Jake rushed him to the animal hospital where they preformed a variety of procedures that eventually transpired into a three week hospital stay for the then young Eddie. In those days you were required to pay for the procedures in full upon their completion but Jake, a rentboy at the time, had no funds to speak of and when he did they were immediately spent exclusively on alcohol and cocaine.
Upon receiving Eddie from the operating room, Jake pleaded with the veterinarian to remove the charges and view the situation as an opportunity to do good will and promote healthy neighborly relations. This had little to no affect on the doctor as Jake was forced to flea his East Village apartment and commanded by his circumstances to take up residence in Brooklyn to lower his expenditures and pay for the surgeries.

The two battered creatures arrived on the doorstep of that new place, one in tears and the other a bit wild eyed, prepared to make the best of it which they eventually did.  Eddie was a bit upset for some time, as the situation was no doubt an inconvenience to his feeding and lounging schedules. Jake was forgiven, however, and eventually rewarded for his efforts. Eddie seemed to know what had been done for him.

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