My Thursday journal

Woke up around 8:30 AM and felt good! Feels like I’m having a good sleep this week. I felt fresh and well rested today when I woke up! Such a good feeling. Work was pretty good and busy. And there was A/B test. People don’t like to be wrong and we are trying to be right all the time. No negative meaning into it and I like the fact that we are consistently making things better. In order to do that, failure is inevitable. We fail sometimes but we definitely learn something from it. I obviously don’t think this is failure tho or maybe I just don’t want to believe but for now we are working hard to improve it. I had to take care of that today and was able to finish it right before 6 PM.

Felt pretty tired around that time. Got off to home and stopped by at the hair salon on the way. Turned out to be a Korean hair salon again lol Doesn’t seem like I can avoid it here in LA. Got a decent haircut from a guy tho. Back home, dyed hair while I was doing laundry and took a shower before I headed out for dinner with Dosung. Picked him up and checked out Chicken Kalbi place in K-town for the first time. We had to wait for little bit but it was totally worth it. I really loved the food there. Ended up eating too much but I couldn’t help. Back home around 10:10 PM and been on my computer since then. Feel pretty tired now… don’t think I can get to the side project today either. Feel guilty about it but I need to rest…

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