“That Woman” (March 5, 2016)

Certain names and events have been changed for privacy and are in quotes (“”). 

I feel like shit right now…

“Tiffany” no-showed again today, this time with the excuse that her daughter’s “soccer practice” was going too long. She called me earlier in the day asking me what the best time for her to come in was, and at no point did she bring up the fact that her daughter had soccer practice. I believe that she did that deliberately so that I would have no choice but to work the rest of the day alone. She asked me if I could work the rest of the day alone and I flatly said, “Well, I don’t have much of a choice, now do I?”

I was pissed off. This was the second time she did something like this. The first time, she called me at 11:15 AM on a Sunday asking me if I was at the store. This was after it was committed that I would work in the afternoon while she would work in the morning. I asked her if she was at the store and she said no, so I deduced that no one was at the store and the store wasn’t open. (The store was supposed to be open at 9.) Although I was every bit tempted to curse her out, I was too focused on getting my ass down to the store and salvaging what was left of this debacle. Tiffany told me she didn’t come in because she didn’t want to miss church, but she didn’t at all mention any desire to go to church prior to Sunday. (To be fair, she did tell me the day before that she wasn’t sure if she was going to make it to work on Sunday, but I explicitly told her that I didn’t want to work all day Sunday, and that was the last exchange we had that day.) I told her at the end of the day how much we did, telling her that we would’ve done more had she showed up and that she should have told me she wanted to go to church the day before. She just brushed it off and said she was done with it.

Today, I sent her a lengthy text explaining my opinion. This was the exchange that ensued:

ME: Just so you know, it would have really been helpful if you had told me about you daughter’s soccer practice the first time you called instead of bringing it up at the last minute. Also, please don’t make a commitment if you’re not going to keep it. This is not the first time you’ve done something like this and it’s unprofessional.

TIFFANY: Bye [my name]. When you have kids you will understand. But since you are a kid you don’t. Do not contact me again.

ME: Real mature.

TIFFANY: Do not contact me again.

This should tell you everything you need to know about who I’m dealing with.

I’m keeping the texts in case she tries something. She seems like the vindictive type.


ADDENDUM (10/28/16):

I suppose I should give some context for this. “Tiffany” had a reputation for not being very reliable or trustworthy. In fact, on my first day working at the store, my coworkers told me stories about how bad she was! So, before I met her I had a preconceived notion of how she would be. When I finally met her, she didn’t seem like the bad person I envisioned in my head, but I could see why other people didn’t like her. However, this incident showed me that she is every bit the person I was told she was. She puts on a professional face, but she’s really just a snake in the grass. 

I’m writing this for a number of reasons: first of all, I fully acknowledge that, ever since our little text exchange, I’ve had a grudge against her. I often think about what I would do if I ever saw her again. (In my mind, I would either curse her out or beat her ass.) As a result, I’m writing this in the hope that it would help me get over this grudge. (I don’t like feeling anger or hatred towards people. I like being positive as much as possible.) I’m also writing this out of fear, because I believe at some point in the coming months I will be working her again, and I don’t know what I’m going to do or what’s going to happen. (She quit shortly after the day of the text exchange, but my boss still has her on standby for days where we’re super busy and all hands need to be on deck.) On one hand, if she does show up, I’ll either try my best to be civil around her or avoid her as much as possible. On the other hand, it’s not exactly a secret that nobody (least of all, me) likes Tiffany. So, I want to try and convince my boss to not bring her in and either hire someone else to work in her place or have one of the current staff work in her place. 

2 thoughts on ““That Woman” (March 5, 2016)”

  1. At least she quit!

    For the record, I don’t think your text was out of line at all, but it does sound like you are in a position of authority over her, even though the rest of your post doesn’t sound that way… If you’re not, you might want to look at what parts of your text message sound that way. Those parts could be the reason she responded the way she did.

    Just a little devil advocacy.

  2. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position of authority over her; we’re in the same position. I understand where you’re coming from; at the time, I felt the need to tell her how I felt because if I let it go, she would think she could continue to act that way. I was very careful with my wording, and I tried to express how I felt as clearly as possible without being harsh or offensive. I have a habit of thinking that being open and honest about one’s feelings and discussing them in a civil manner will help solve whatever problems may exist. It’s hard for me to accept that that doesn’t work for everybody.

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