The Same Old Shit

All of my years 4th grade to 5th I was been dating this boy Caden and not so long ago ( 2 years ago ) we ended our one year relationship because he wanted to see other people. So then i gained felling for my long time friend Zion which was a big fucking mistake because he is so fucking overly cocky. Before Zion there was Adam he was the hottest guy in school he was dating an older girl (by one fucking year). My “friend” Lilly who knew i liked him said yes when he asked her out. My ex-best friend Kylie was in love with him too i guess which got me so fucking mad but when big mouth Ahmed told Adam that she liked him hes was like eww she is ugly and he said it very loud even i could hear it when we were cheering very loud ( yes  i was a fucking cheerleader once) and i was just choking on my fuck laughter because she got fucking rejected that nigga curved her (yes  can say nigga because in black deal with it). Now that i’m in 7th grade i have a crush on famous Tyler brown yes I know he will probably never like a girl like me but shit Y.O.L.O and i will always fucking fan girl all the time.

Well its getting late thanks for reading bye BAE ⬇️⬇️hot-af– ThatOneSavageGurl

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