wishes and sickness

I am exhausted. Today both me and Haile weren’t feeling all that well and Zak was not helping at all. I fell asleep in French while we were watching a movie so now I’m going to have to find someway to watch it so I get caught up. I actually ate lunch today, which I rarely do and felt sick in the stomach the rest of the day. I really want to stay home tomorrow but I know I can’t. At least it’s Friday and Haile is coming over Saturday to help me set up for the party. I’m almost 17 and it’s starting to become a little scary. I still couldn’t drive, I didn’t have a job unlike the rest of my friends, and I still acted like a kid. I’m almost an adult and I need to start acting like one. 

On other news, Noah wasn’t at school today. He’s never sick and rarely stays home. I really want to know if everything is ok but I know it’s now none of my business.. Is it too late to try to talk to him? Maybe be friends? I miss him. Not the boyfriend him, but the friend him. He was a bad boyfriend but he was there for me when I needed to talk, or when I felt alone with Haile and Zak, or when my life was falling apart and I needed a shoulder to cry on. I wanted him back in my life. That’s really my only birthday wish.

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