Yay, First entry! Getting to know me

Hi everyone, this is my first entry for GoodnightJournal! I have to say I’m so happy that I have found GoodnightJournal because in many months been searching for a diary for me that is online. Before this I did write on paper but I know that I was lacking. And since I’m always on my smart phone… minus will find a diary that is online. In my journal the entries that u will be seeing is venting, what I’m dealing in life, quotes, what is hurting my heart a lot, etc. 

A little bit about myself… my name is Kristal, I am a ABC (American Born Chinese), year of the horse in the Chinese zodiac and for horoscope is an Scorpio, and an ambivert. Currently in college, major in Library Information Technology and going to be finished with this program in the spring 2017! Also, I love to study on my own about different types of animals. I have three fur babies. At times I might have them in my entries! 


6 thoughts on “Yay, First entry! Getting to know me”

  1. Kristal, welcome to the site! This is a great place to be. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon! God bless.

  2. Hi Kristal, I too searhed a long time such journal ) Welcome)

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