Brandon is Mean AF

HEy everybody XD. The picture is something I just drew, I’m trying to get better at digital art bc all my life I’ve only drawn on paper. I started drawing digital art a couple months ago but haven’t practiced that much tbh. Hopefully I get better, I wanted these eyes to be cartoon-ish but I think I accidentally went in to uncanny valley.

So I haven’t posted for a while, today is Saturday evening and the last time I made an entry was thursday, but no one really cares so whatever.

SO luckily for my life David didn’t go pumpkin picking with my friends and I on Saturday, he had a video game thing (?). It was so much fun but I missed most of it because I had to leave at 8:30 to sleep, bc I had a cross country meet the next day. Brandon runs cross country too but he didn’t leave until 11, I wish I stayed that long, I feel like I missed a lot. 

When I got back home I realized I left one of my phones at the party (it’s kind of a long story but basically I have one phone on a plan and one phone I actually use, but it can’t make calls or texts). So when I get home I see someone is using my phone in the group chat and making me look so bad XD. Everyone else was so confused about what was going on, especially when I started typing in the group chat with my other phone. Kenzie got so pissed off, she probably still doesn’t know what was happening. It was great 8/8.

So today I woke up and was ready to race! Jk, I was almost late, didn’t know where to go, and my mom was yelling at me for being stupid. But I still some how managed to get there and everything was okay, and Brandon gave me back my phone, so no more worrying about that lol. I was in the last race bc I’m the 8th runner right now on the girls team, meaning I’m in jv (lol scrub), but yeah that’s what I was running. I came in third place (yay go me! lol), girls overall came in second and boys overall came in first. So yeah it was a great race.

I don’t know if it’s in my head but I feel like Brandon is purposefully being mean to me. So Hadassah’s mom was yelling at her and later Brandon said he thought she was going to get beat and I said “me too” and then he said “My mom would hit me if I acted like Hadassah” and I awkwardly laughed and he said really seriously “that’s not a joke” and in my head I’m just like okayyyy we all know a lot of people from around here get hit you didn’t have to bring it up in such a weird way. (This might be offensive) he probably said it because I’m white and everyone just assumes white people have it really easy, I can see why people would be mad at us because a lot of white people where I live are racist and homophobic, but it just makes me angry because I know a lot of white people who get beat. He definitely doesn’t hate white people, and I might just be twisting what he said in my head, but it just seems like the general attitude towards white people where I live. Idk it just came off weird, I’m probably being stupid right now. 

Also at the meet after I ran I was talking to him. He told me that we got an 85 on the group project we were both in a group for, I said that’s really good, he said it was bad, I told him I usually get 70s, he just complained more about how it lowered his grade, it made me feel really stupid and little. Then, because I felt stupid, I said that my brain works really slowly and he said I was being narcissistic because I said my brain in stead of just saying that I’m stupid. Like why do you want me to do? Just say I’m stupid? I don’t get it, he’s just been so mean to me yesterday and today, I just don’t understand. It’s not like he has to prove he doesn’t like me anymore than just a friend, he already fucking told me! I’m trying to be his friend but he randomly starts treating me like crap, it doesn’t make any sense. Also he was complaining about how he was a minute slower than what he should have been, so I kept telling him that he’s not bad, he’s super fast. Then I said “I was a minute slower than what I should have been too so you calling yourself bad is the same as calling me bad.” then he just turned to me and said “Yeah you’re bad Caitlyn” like wtf whyy, I was trying to cheer you up but I guess I’m just a fucking punching bag today. If I knew he was really like this I probably would have never liked him.

Okei that is all, tell me your opinion on my drawing and if I should fight brandon (lol jk, but actually give me some constructive criticism on the drawing)

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  1. Oh and I forgot to mention but while I was writing this my mom was talking to her sister on the phone and said she tried coke, like whhhaaat my mom was a bad ass lol

  2. I love the picture the eyes are quite expressive, you draw what you feel like hun don’t worry about criticisms even the best artists have people that think their art is crap, it’s all about perception is all, and as for this boy it might not entirely be his fault, if the area you live in has such bad racism and homophobia then its my opinion that he is raised by his parents to believe that everyone is the same you’re probably not the only white person he speaks to like that or he could just be acting like a dick because he is one? Some people are just like that hun and I wouldn’t worry yourself too much hun its not you he’s got a problem with, so don’t let it get to you, just don’t bother if he’s going to be so negative x

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