Day 244 – Halloween spoops

Friday, October 28th 2016

Today was certainly different. I need to hurry up since it’s nearing midnight, so I’ll skip most of the school time.

So I started with programming and internet was awful, so we couldn’t do much, then had alimentation and we cooked our Indian food. It ended up being really good and I brought some home. I had lunch with Kohai, then we went to technology class, because of the internet, it was a lazy one, then we finished with usual math.

When I got home I helped out with Halloween events on the server and after supper, went to a haunted house tour thing at a museum. It was really good, there was banging on the wagon we were on, a hand reached out behind me, then this guy with a super cool costume just directed my dad and I and 2 other guys to these 4 hallways. The middles ones had a jump scare, my dad had nothing and on my side the guy ran up behind me which scared me and then lifted his cane next to me head to keep my going. It was well done, he’s my favourite haha. Just the movements he did was good and his costume. Then there was a giant crow that scared us, a skipping girl I thought was Kohai and said “wave if you’re (her name)” and I regret that since it wasn’t her, then a long pathway, then we arrived at a girl that was trying to creep us out and tell us something, but I couldn’t figure out what, except “there is a murderer”, then we kept on and there was these mannequins and guys in the middle that would follow us after we continued, (they were in black cloaks and white masks), but then a lady them to go back to their position and keep walking. It’s cause the guys were messing around and slowing us down. Then I was got by another jumpscare, and then we arrived to where Kohai’s little sister was. Her partner got angry at us the same way a jumpscarer said “Guys. Come on, stop messing around and hurry up.” It was when the lady told the guys to go back to their position the moment was kind of ruined. At least it was fun seeing Kohai smirk when she saw me and doing her scary speech. She even did a maniacal laughter and it was so incredibly good, my gosh. It was spot on, movie crazy laughter. Then we arrived at these doors and we thought it led somewhere different each, but it just led to the end. There was apple cider and we filled out a form.

So it was pretty good, just a shame those guys were messing around and ruined the experience a bit. But apparently we were also the front of an overlap, so. Also at the end there was this really nice lady that just told us quietly and softly “you’re safe here now” and I wasn’t totally sure if she was lying or not, until she said “do you want some apple cider”.

That’s all for today.

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