Halloween weekend!

It’s Friday! It’s been a very busy week and I’m glad it’s Friday now. Woke up feeling good! This week has been pretty good that I don’t feel tired at all when I woke up and I think it actually makes huge difference on my daily life. Work was good and finally did my teeth cleaning on my lunch break. Also did performance review assignment at the end of the day. Went to Target with Caesar and Seba to get the costume. I spent $20 for Dori costume that I’m very happy about. Went to Santa Monica for the Friday night skate with my costume on. Got there little early to have a dinner and a glass of beer while I was watching the cubs game. They lost tho 🙁 Skated with people for almost 2 hours in my Dori costume that I have to took off the top half cause it got too hot. However, great time overall then couple beers after at the bar. Back home around 1:30 AM then shower and sleep. good day!

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