Hoodoo Queen

Go ahead with your hate

Go ahead with your lies 

Put it all out there

Use us all for your punching bag

Say whatever you say

Kick yourself in the teeth

I am almighty karmic retrobution

And your day of reckoning has come

You are blind to the truth

Shouldn’t have worried ’bout tomorrow 

Cuz today I did under the veil of shadow

I have your hair, I have your blood

My payback to you mixed in a jar

And everytime you lash out

I give it a little shake

Your undoing is your undoing

And I never quite played fair

The universe will get me back for this

Its a debt I willingly make

All to get back at you

For the falsehoods in my ear

Lie for Lie, hate for hate

And I just give it a little shake

One thought on “Hoodoo Queen”

  1. I did indeed write it!
    Should be no surprise that I have a deep seated interest in the occult. A hoodoo vinegar jar is a real thing as is a honey jar. I love the knowledge of these things, but not too actually put what I learn into practice.

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