I want a holiday… -_-

That’s it…. I want a freaking holiday and as soon as Christmas is over and done with I’m bloody having one! Even if I go by myself… I don’t care I just want a break.

Not that things are going to shit (though I am not holding my breath just in case) im just sick of looking at the same walls, the same streets, the same mountains and just the same of bloody everything… I want to take a breath in a place that’s not here… Think in a place that’s not here…

I don’t want to go abroad, hell I’d take a couple of nights anywhere, it doesn’t even have to be out of Wales, I just can’t breathe here, I think my urge to move is growing stronger each week and it worries me.

I’ve always been a rambler, I like to move around but with kids its not much of an option so I have to find ways to satisfy the need to wander but again Christmas is coming.. Never mind a soon to be 4 year olds birthday to plan for in 2 weeks time :/

I need a walk in some mountains that aren’t the ones I walk on a weekly basis, some inspiration for sewing designs in shops I haven’t seen a million times… And now I’m just blathering on because I can’t concentrate… Something that also comes with the urge to wander my country…. Eurgh!!!

Get me out of here….

4 thoughts on “I want a holiday… -_-”

  1. Its a complicated feeling isn’t it? Its almost like you don’t want to leave things behind but you need the fresh start or just the change of pace … I feel like I can breathe better when I’ve left somewhere then came back.. I don’t know why its such an uncontrollable feeling :/

  2. I’m really struggling with wanting to move…I’ve been in my parents house the past 28 years and I still can’t afford to leave…and with Harry it’s a million times more complicated. I want to move away so much, and not being able to do anything about it makes me feel so stuck and powerless…not being able to do anything about it is the worst, there’s just no solution and you feel like you want to scream 🙁

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