I want a holiday… -_-

That’s it…. I want a freaking holiday and as soon as Christmas is over and done with I’m bloody having one! Even if I go by myself… I don’t care I just want a break.

Not that things are going to shit (though I am not holding my breath just in case) im just sick of looking at the same walls, the same streets, the same mountains and just the same of bloody everything… I want to take a breath in a place that’s not here… Think in a place that’s not here…

I don’t want to go abroad, hell I’d take a couple of nights anywhere, it doesn’t even have to be out of Wales, I just can’t breathe here, I think my urge to move is growing stronger each week and it worries me.

I’ve always been a rambler, I like to move around but with kids its not much of an option so I have to find ways to satisfy the need to wander but again Christmas is coming.. Never mind a soon to be 4 year olds birthday to plan for in 2 weeks time :/

I need a walk in some mountains that aren’t the ones I walk on a weekly basis, some inspiration for sewing designs in shops I haven’t seen a million times… And now I’m just blathering on because I can’t concentrate… Something that also comes with the urge to wander my country…. Eurgh!!!

Get me out of here….

3 thoughts on “I want a holiday… -_-”

  1. Its a complicated feeling isn’t it? Its almost like you don’t want to leave things behind but you need the fresh start or just the change of pace … I feel like I can breathe better when I’ve left somewhere then came back.. I don’t know why its such an uncontrollable feeling :/

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