Just Another Day…..

I got up relatively early compared to normal as of late. I started out my day by taking the F-150 in for Emissions Testing and thankfully it passed! My Jeep no longer passes the Emissions Test, but in January it will be 25 years old and eligible for an “Antique Auto” tag. With the “Antique Auto” tag you are limited to how much you drive, therefore not being subjected to the “Emissions Test”. Also motorcycles are exempt from the testing process.

After that I went to dump our household refuse. In the county we have to hire a private hauler to deal with hauling off the trash, we opt to either take it to the local dump station or I will haul it to work. Since I have been riding my motorcycle to work I have had a build up so I rid us of the nasties this morning.

And finally back at home I made breakfast for us. 

Then I cleaned the kitchen, doing dishes and straightening up.

I cheated on my diet and had a Moon Pie, such a delicious treat!

Still have to clear the two bedrooms in preparation for company from England this coming week.

Supposed to attend a party tonight at a friends home, but I am not really in the mood since I have to transport Debbie into the house in her wheelchair and then find a place to sit her as the parties are always crowded.

Still feeling blue, out of place and not belonging here.

Oh well….

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