Trying to Keep Saturday for Myself

I am trying not to work on Saturday- oh, I work the other 6 days, but I am trying to keep Saturday for other-than-work stuff. Nothing fun, just not work. I have washed my clothes, been to the store and the post office, and I’ve been cleaning and pulling weeds all day. I’m not sure what I would find to do if I didn’t have this stupid house to take care of. The idea of a tiny apartment is very appealing to me. The issue for me is going to be the closet and laundry. I will hate not having a washer and dryer. I will hate not having closet space. I would rather have a nice closet than a kitchen. 

I got paid today. I finally made it from one paycheck to the next without running out of money first. Yay. I even left that $100 in my savings account. I am going to do my best to get my credit cards paid off and get some money in savings. There is no reason for me to live like white trash just because I was raised white trash. I am going to have to focus more on retirement money. I hate to think about that stuff, but I have to- especially if I am going to leave Kentucky. 

Gregg texted me randomly Thursday night. I don’t understand what he’s doing. Why did he text me and then nothing? Why is he not trying to see me? I don’t get it. Whatever. It would be nice to have a connection with him if I end up going to Cincinnati.

One thought on “Trying to Keep Saturday for Myself”

  1. I too think about those tiny homes and apartments, but for to long I have been a clutter bug, I often worry I will see myself on “Hoarders” some time.
    I envision how simple life could be in something small, a place where you did not have maintenance or upkeep, just a place to lay your head after a hectic day.

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