why me?!

I dont know why I expect too much from the one who becomes my friend. I mean i got a friend like a really good friend who helped me or at least tried to help me in my sad time and I kept saying thankyou for tolerating me however I know there wasn’t much effort of making me happy from that person but still. We became good friends but seriously that person never listened to me in a way I did i mean hey we are friends I always take your side shouldn’t you listen to my problem too without making fun of them at start? Yes friendship is about having fun but laughing at friend’s problem every time is not funny at all. I get too weird when it comes about making new friends because I never got a great friend. I dont know what to do and because of that friend I stay sad because I expect to be treated the same way i treat the other person but dont get such care back. I always take your side but you are with other weirdos but it is okay 🙂

This shows that nobody really cares and I dont know what to do..I seriously dont and I’m sad again 

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