A long sleep and Halloween night out

Went sleep pretty late last night around 2 AM. Got up around 11 AM in the morning and went back to sleep till 3:30 PM. I just felt like sleeping all day and I was able to sleep that long. Felt so great to have sleep that long that I haven’t had for a long time! A Good sleep really makes my day better. So I got up and headed to donut shop in my neighborhood lol cause some reason I was craving a donut and coffee. Ended up having 3 donuts and a large coffee lol. Walked to the At&t to get my phone situation fixed but didn’t have patience to wait so I just left again to Apple store. I didn’t really expect to get helped there but I had to try. Ended up just walking back to home. God ready for the Halloween party when I got home. Put my costume on and walked out to Ralphs to get some bottles of wine then walked to the Mexican restaurant that I had a reservation. Found out that restaurant has a pluming issue and closed down for a night. Ended up at another place down the street. Had a dinner with Danilo, Anton, Jung, Nikita and AJ. Spent hours there to eat and chat. Nikita, AJ and I went out after the dinner. Starting with couple tequila shots at PettyCash then West Hollywood. Our Uber drive took us to the spot in WeHo otherwise we would probably end up at the bars that are not busy lol. Jo and Caesar joined after. Went to 2 different bars and both were packed especially the first one. The street was so busy can’t really get to any other bars. Had a great time there with everyone. It was great to see everything in WeHo. We stayed at the second bar till 2 AM then ended up at little Tokyo lol Couldn’t really find a place to go there ended up just taking an Uber back to home. Back home around 4 AM and just passed out. Great night with colleagues.

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