So, I suppose being skeptical with the news that’s been going around lately might help sometimes. You can choose to either believe it or not. If you do, you can choose to freak out and start re-sharing the news to warn everyone you know.

Or you can calm yourself down while trying to fish for more clarified information. All my journalist friends have taught me so. So had Dad when he was still alive. Don’t just buy into everything. Ask questions. It’s okay to have second thoughts.

You can choose not to believe in the news, but ignorance is not always bliss. It’s like crossing the street without looking to your left and right at first. You eat some prepackaged meal without checking on the expiration date on the container.

Blind faith is scary. There’s nothing wrong in believing in something. Combine that with violence against others and you create more harm than good. Chaos that beats the order. Riot for peace, like a loud bang on one quiet night.

Is there another storm coming? Are we all ready for it?


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