Household Update

What a totally awesome day! The Man and I took the kids to Carowinds. For those who don’t know what Carowinds is, it is an amusement park that lays on the South and North Carolina border. We as a family collectively love roller coasters. There really isn’t a roller coaster we won’t try. Carowinds is crammed full of them.

Today was extra special though. The Man has been bugging me for years about going on one of those sling shot rides where you rocket up into heaven and then swing back in forth in a little two person seat (it even goes upside down a little bit) as you bounce up and down. It is the sort of ride parks made you pay extra for. It’s the sort of thing that really freaks me out even though I’ve been bungee jumping in my younger days. I caved in and gave it a try.

As I shot upwards at the speed of light (well… it felt like it) the rush of adrenline that surged through me was so intense. I felt like I could have wrestled a rhino.

The whole day was just so great. I loved every minute of it. Now The Man will be on vacation for the week and after that he will be working 2nd shift. Today was his day to play with his kids. They really need that because when he works 2nd shift he does not get the chance to see them very much.

I want to keep writing, but my head is spinning. Good night.

2 thoughts on “Household Update”

  1. Wow, it sounds awesome! I am terrified of roller coasters but the expressions you use like “rocket up into heaven” and “I could have wrestled a rhino” make conquering a fear sound so exciting! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. I hate being limited by irrational fears. I’m terrified of heights. I hate being up high and looking down. It makes me tremble. I refuse to live in fear so I push myself past boundaries of what I am comfortable with.

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