At last 2 days I spent in my brothers home, they packed things before trip to Saint Petersburg, their child has one extend vertebra in spine, wich need to remove surgically. I hope that all will be well.

Oh, how booorriiiinggg, today went first snow. I`m sitting at home))) it gets dark at 17:00 PM, I good girl for my parents ahaha)) just I dont want to recieve some questions from them and any confrontation, definately from my mother, she is neurotic, who afraid anything in this world and do not want to break from psychological barriers created herself, I dont know how to help her, I often become apathic near her. Because I am also prone to depression, I am able somehow to overcome it in myself, but don’t know how to help my mother. She doesn’t want.

P.S. yesterday I drawed with watercolours, not professional) children’s, but it was still nice.img_16410-01

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  1. I hope your niece will do just fine. God bless her. I love your watercolors and the two drawings you showed us today. Hope your mom gets better for your sake. I was a neurotic mom and I got over it and over depression, so I feel I can offer hope. God is a healer!

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