Life’s well ok i guess

Well today was really normal… the one and only overly cocky Zion decided and be like Cynthia i’m sorry can you talk to me? i was like oh hell naw because you always trying to do shit!! and he kept texting me and being so annoying so i just muted him. also fir the first time in 2 years i saw ……………… CADEN my ex-boyfriend and he tried to talk to me like bitch u broke my heart i was in  my room crying for days and my life just got fucked up after that like in 6th grade i asked out jahman and i got rejected and also that summer (it just passed) i went to springhill camp and i liked this guy named will but he had a fucking GIRLFRIEND but i don’t blame his girlfriend he is fine as ever and this fucking year i get made fun of because of my weight and shit like that to the point were i skip lunch and go to do art. I’m honestly to make my life sound like shit the people who don’t talk shit about me just think in this awesome girl with a big house multiple cars and big bucks b/c my mother and father own a church and want their kids to have a lavish life style because back in Africa they couldn’t have what we have. my house may be big but it doesn’t mean i’m a stuck up “rich” kind for Christ sakes my parents wont even buy me a new phone (i’ll make another entry about what happened to the phones ) i just don’t care about life right now and want want to let loose a bit i just don’t know but i guess i’m ok b/c people know my name NOT my story they know what I’ve done NOT what  I’ve been through…………………

Well i’m done talking have a nice (night,day,morning,afternoon,birthday,Christmas,new years,Halloween(tomorrow),thanksgiving,Easter,Hanuka,Kwanzaa,summer,winter,spring,  fall,or etc.)




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