My First Day

Today was such a beautiful day.   It rained for most of the day,  it felt so good to walk in the rain,  smell the rain as I walked to work,   I wish I had the day off to read a nice book and drink some coffee and just relax for most of the day.  

Work has been so hectic lately,   Can’t wait for this season to be over.  I’m looking forward to winter this year (as I do every year). 

Today we talked for awhile right after work.  It was really nice.   I enjoyed our conversation.   This …  feels different this time,  it feels real.   It feels honest …    It feels like what I’ve been waiting for,   What I’ve been praying for

You asked me to start a journal and to trust you

Well,    here I am,   Writing my first journal and trusting you with my thoughts,  my heart,  my feelings and myself 

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