Prepare your Riot Gear!!!! (TWD SPOILERS!!!)

Ok folks…. I’d like to discuss this last weeks episode of The walking dead. I am an AVID fan of TWD. I live in a little town called Fairburn, which is right oustide of a town called Senoia, which is where they actually film the show. I’ve been there several times and taken several pictures. I’ll try to upload some of the pictures I took last time I was there.  Also, please note the title of this blog….there WILL BE SPOILERS so stop reading now if you don’t want to know anything else. 

By now, we all know who dies…..Glenn AND Abraham. Yes, Abraham dies too, don’t forget him. Even though I liked Abraham, his death wasn’t as impactful. I don’t feel like the ever gave him enough back story or screen time. We never got a chance to know the character all that well. Enough about Abraham, and onto the big one…..Glenn. 

To be honest, I knew what was already going to happen. As I said, I live just a few miles from where they film the show and have several friends who work as crew extras and such on the show. I already knew the deaths that were about to occur and how. Here’s my problem….”Maggie, I will find you” …..the last words uttered by our poor hero Glenn. What….what does that mean????I’m not sure what that was supposed to mean or symbolize. Was it a function of maybe his brain being hit so hard that it screwed up some funtions and that’s all he could mutter??? I’ve watched that episode several times since it first aired, like I do ALL episodes, and I just don’t understand. Find her??? WHERE? WHEN? IN THE AFTER LIFE?? IN HEAVEN? HE’LL HAUNT HER AFTER SHE’S GONE AND COME FIND HER AS A GHOST????

Still not quite sure why the editors, writers etc, chose those words as his last words…”Maggie, I will find you”……Could have just as easily made it, “Maggie I love you. ….I guess that would have made too much sense. 


Kitty (Mew)


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