Sunday October 30

My house is fairly clean. I just was not managing it when I had 2 dogs, 2 cats, and Noah here. I couldn’t keep up with their messes and my job. It’s more manageable now. It’s still too much to take care of, though. John’s hair everywhere is still a lot of work, and my couch is still dirty from him. This house is still too much for me to take care of. I need something much smaller. 

I think I will be able to get a job somewhere- I’m not sure about Cincinnati- Fort Thomas only has 1 middle school, and Kenton County is a small district as well. That would certainly be the easiest move for me. I suppose if I could go there and make it work for 6 more years, then I could draw more retirement because I would still be paying in to KTRS. That would probably be the best choice financially. However, if I have a job offer in NYC, I just can’t pass that up. The bottom line is that I am going somewhere. I have nothing here and no prospects of it getting any better. It is a nice city but I don’t have any friends or any life other than my work. I do like my work most days- however, the adults in the building are getting on my nerves. I am not impressed with my new boss. I think he looks down on women. I don’t think he values how hard I work and how much I give to my job. He does not respond to emails and he has not shown me he is going to stand up to the trouble makers and shut them down. He is allowing their bad behavior to continue. He bowed down to the arts teachers and he has allowed the safe person to get by with doing nothing. I had hopes he was going to be an agent of change. I am not seeing it, however. 

I am going to go to work  and get my week lined out. I have allowed myself to fall behind once I made the decision to move away next year. I don’t have the desire to make everything perfect now that I am not planning on coming back there. I do still need to have my plans and I do still have to keep up, regardless. 

I am going to make it my goal just to go to work and mind my own business. I will be quiet in meetings and not voice any opinions. I am going to teach my classes and continue working on preparations to leave. 

I went to school and worked for a few hours. I had to come home after an hour and a half to meet a craig’s list person. I went back after I did some errands- bought candy for tomorrow night, mailed an ebay package, got some lunch, got some stuff printed at Staples for my portfolio.

I didn’t get the whole week lined out, but I did get copies for the next two days, and update my web site and kind of figure out what I’m doing. I’m starting ecology and it’s my least favorite topic. Ugh. I will drudge through it. 

I have been listing stuff on Craigs List and eBay like crazy. I am getting excited about selling my house. I needed a project. I like the idea of purging all the extraneous stuff. I am going to get rid of stuff in my wardrobe that I do not LOVE. I am not really thinking about buying anything new right now- nothing I want clothes-wise, and I don’t want to buy stuff that I will then not like when I get to NYC. 

I can just hear my mother now, talking about how foolish I am to think I could move to New York. She would say I can’t do that. I can’t afford that. I am foolish to think I can do that. She probably says, “oh, that’s just another one of her big hair-brained ideas.”

I guess time will tell.

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