Sunny Sunday

A few moments of solitude before my busy day starts.  I am waiting on a load of towels to wash so that I can hang them on the line. The weather has been so perfect this fall!!  They are calling for us to possibly break the record on the first of November with temps in the 80’s!!  

We are doing pumpkin carving this afternoon. I’ve made a pot of sloppy joes and have them keeping warm in my crock pot. We’ll have those on buns, coleslaw and potato chips with sodas for our meal.  I am making gingerbread and having cider for dessert. DM, is fortunately is still in a sober period so she is coming.  Its nice when she can function and do these things with her kids. It will mean a lot to them someday to have these memories.  We are still waiting to hear from the rehab as to when a bed will be open, but so far she is maintaining her sobriety without it.  If she can test clean when she is accepted then she will not have to go through the detox segment of the rehab, and she does want to avoid that so she is doing well so far.  

I have been able to get all my cabinets, refrigerator, and stove and oven cleaned and organized in preparation for the holidays.  It makes things so much simpler when all the baking stuff I rarely use, has been organized all in one place when the time comes to do holiday baking.  It’s also nice to have the cabinets organized and cleaned out so that there is plenty of room for all the extra food I have to buy! lol 

Well I hear my little man up and moving so it’s time for me to get moving!! Everyone have a blessed Sunday!!

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