Autumn ballad

Swirling winds flirt with first fallen leaves….
Bravest messengers of the longest nights. …
So poetically beautiful, even till “death-do-us-part”,
dancing away their last sun-breathed vibes,
dressed in royal red-yellow, king’s gold
(skillful Artist preserved in their honey-sweet shades
burning secrets of the summery nights).
Free at last, no more earth-bound,
Oh! how long they were craving a flight …
now released, they will follow their ‘all-sommer’ dreams –
royal ball with their faithful admirer Wind!
Dancing away … into their final good-byes.
They refuse just to fall, just to breath out their last.
Graceful dance. Dying leaves.
What a beautiful, final applause!!

I stand quenched in the last summer rays, –
hot, caressing my uncovered skin…
One last feverish kiss!
The sun whispers
on my sweet, burning lips.
Wrinkled smiles on my blushed rosy cheeks.
Curly lashes hide rebellious tears.
Closed my eyes,
I swirl drawning in the warmth of my sun.
Gladly drinking its rays … more like gulping!
What unquenchable thirst!
Every cell of my being tries to hide them inside,
keep them fiery, flaming through the cold winter nights.
Just like frail fireflies in a glittery jar…
For as long as I can! I will try!
Even if they grow cold,
I will keep them alive in my hot summer heart!

Oh, my dear summer sun,
I can feel your sad smile, brushing gently on me,
for you know that your power’s diminishing,
slowly fading away with each new autumn whiff…
and you know just how much I will miss you!
I shall dream of your hot, happy outbursts
through the chilly, grey, sad winter nights …
You’ll be gone for so long, far too long…
Just as last year this time,
I shall miss you!

Grabbed the sunny seat on the bus home.
Gotta get so much more of your warmth …
Thank God winter doesn’t just happen!
Thank God for the autumn’s bright…
Brown and golden, red and yellow,
dark shades of green, even purplish brights…
A whole raft of heart-warming,
cuddly, comforting,
‘hot-chocolaty with marshmallows’
colors pallet!

We’ll enjoy the last sun on our backs
as we sit at the corner cafe.
Conveniently – we shall forget
that we’re wearing our long sleeves again
and the jackets behind us are handy …
What a sweet lie indeed!
Our smiles complimenting the fair autumn skies,
still so clear, still so bright … we delight!
We will act so surprised
when we see the grey clouds…
We’re pretending
we don’t feel the chill as it dawns
on our ‘young’ afternoons,
“It’s too early to go home” we sigh.
We will sit a bit longer,
even if our noses turn red… 😋

Wandering what should I buy?
How to save
my sweet summer days?
Maybe a Scarf 😊…

Or maybe, I just pick up a leaf.
Rainbow stains
summer’s last rays have burnt unto it …
just like marvelous potpourri unto my soul
I will hide it!
Have to get through the grey days somehow.
God knows they make me cry.
But I know that I know that I know,
just like God, standing true by my side,
same deal – sun won’t be gone!
Just away…
Hiding steady behind heavy clouds…
Warming other lands, overseas…
Painting joy in my dearest friends’ eyes
Waiting patiently for its fist gentle kiss
on my cheeks, when my spring comes around.

Home… here it ends, my afternoon walk.
Upstairs… it awaits, my mischievous mirror,
its excitement can’t hide – a delightful surprise…
Tiny leaf, tangled playfully in my goldielock hairs.
“We shall miss you as well!” in the mirror it whispers,
“Don’t forget our colors, for they make you laugh!”

Now it’s good with my soul…
Sent good byes to the sun
and it’s peaceful, serene.
Thank You, Lord, for those times
when You let us slow down …
Bring an end to a season.
Barren emptiness.
Grey winter dawns.
Into recovering stillness …
You make us slow down.
To prepare us for
soon after-coming
new beginnings,
budding life,
dazzling smiles,
buzzing vibes …
Our new springs!

Your perfect planning!
Your grand design!
To bring us back into the plentiful
of our simmer times!

What a marvelous art work!
What a genius scheme!
I love You, Father!
Without You –
Winter would kill me …

2 thoughts on “Autumn ballad”

  1. There are so many things I love about this poem! I read every word. For some reason I especially liked the expression “purplish brights”—-about the leaves colors. You are a good writer and poet! Please keep it up!

  2. Oh!! I didn’t even expect a comment! Thank you very much! Yes, there are so many pictures in this one poem and as much as I tried, I couldn’t ge tit any shorter haha … but I worked long on each word in it and wanted it there for a reason!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    What is your favorite “painting” in it? If I may ask?

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