Hang over all day

I feel that I’m getting old now. Dealing with hang over is getting tough and tough lol. Woke up around 9:50 with hang over. Decided to go out to Apple store tho cause I want my phone fixed. Skated to the Grove and took a Uber back cause I started to rain on the day I actually went out lol. I had a Gumbo for breakfast while I was waiting for the Genius bar. Couldn’t really solve my issue at all since my phone ran out of warranty. I need to go back to At&t and maybe get a new phone. Back home and slept again till 3 PM then called Dosung for a dinner. Went out to the billiard place to meet up with him and play a game with them before we headed to Korean BBQ place on Vermont. Tried a new place today. It was decent but not so great. I got what I wanted to tho. Felt full and satisfied when we walk out the restaurant around 7:20 PM. Went to his place to finish watching Cubs game. Cubs won tonight so it’s 2-3 now. Too bad I’m not in Chicago anymore 😉 Kind of excited to see how it will end. Back home and shower. 10:34 PM now. I haven’t really done anything productive things lately. It’s been crazy busy for doing stuffs lol Gotta get back to my things! I need some rest tonight tho 😉 Goodnight all!

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