Yesterday my mum drove Harry and I to Wills’ parents house to leave Harry for an hour (if my mum is able to drive me there I always let her because where Wills’ parents live is extremely difficult to park and I only passed my driving test in 2014 so my experience still isn’t great!) Will answered the door and he was very chatty with my mum and me. His mum was sort of zooming around and wasn’t paying much attention except obviously to Harry. I went to pick up Harry’s bag out of habit and my mum said ‘oh wait Elizabeth the bag has to stay!’ and I was like oh yeah sorry just a habit. Then Will’s mum went to my mum and was like ‘you’re not staying are you?!’ My mum explained about the bag and that was what had to stay. As we said goodbye Wills’ mum said goodbye without even looking at us and slammed the door in our faces 🙁 I was pretty much expecting that but my mum was more upset than she was willing to admit at being treated like this. We went shopping for food in a local co-op we found there, but needless to say I had to go pick Harry back up on my own because my mum obviously didn’t want to go back. I made something up that my mum remembered we had something to sort out and we couldn’t stay. Will was hoping we’d stay for tea and he was like ‘ok well next time see if you guys can stay after we’ve had him an hour for some tea’ but Wills’ mum only said ‘lets make sure we keep this every week’ and that was it. Back in the car my mum was saying how dare Wills’ mum be all like “you’re not staying are you?!” and that she hated being treated like that. She said she didn’t really care because Wills’ mum was just a stupid, horrible woman only interested in Harry and wants to nothing to do with me or her and that she wasn’t worth it…but back here she’s been angry ever since and is still angry and looking upset now.

I believe her when she says Wills’ mum isn’t worth it and all that but I still think my mum is hurt because my mum is also Harry’s grandmother, and I’m Harry’s mother, we’re family and it is hurtful that Wills’ mum is trying to shut us out and have as little to do with us as possible. It’s not nice to be treated like that. Wills’ mum just wants Harry and to shut the rest of us out as we don’t fit with her style of life 🙁 Both families are so different and I think Wills’ mum doesn’t want us there because we are different to them. It’s not uncommon for that to happen, of course some people are not keen on things that are unfamiliar to them.

When I picked up Harry he ran up to me and cuddled into my legs then looked up at me, wanting me to pick him up and feed him. When we took him home I gave him a breastfeed and he fell asleep. I can’t wait till me and my family all go to Mexico on December 16th, and we don’t have to be made to feel insignificant for three weeks!

(Above photo was Halloween 2015, Harry was 4 and a half months old. Wearing a happy pumpkin costume I found courtesy of Asdas! Don’t know why it’s uploaded on its side though.)

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  1. Harry is blessed to have you for his mom. I love the picture, you kind of both have the same expression on your faces—-mildly surprised. You’re a very special person, being willing to share your baby with Will and no hard feelings there. (Oh, probably on occasion, naturally, but overall you see all of you as a family, like you said.) That is so good for Harry!

  2. ^^^ I totally agree. I know how hard it must be hard to leave Harry with people who feel like strangers, but you should give yourself a huge pat on the back cause you are trying to give Harry a relationship with the otherside of his family.

    What I also think is really great is that Will wants you IN the picture (this is revealed by his invitation for tea). Honestly as Harry grows older tea time with daddy might be a good way to connect with him about the goals you both have for your son (like plz don’t alter his appearance without joint agreement – as in hair cuts or piercings… also when Harry is in school you can discuss routine and curriculum).

    The two of you are so stinkin’ cute

  3. Hello savedbygrace and therealgoddessianna! Happy Halloween and thank you very much for your comments 🙂 I’m glad you are both saying well done for me starting to leave Harry an hour every weekend on his own with his other family. I know it will all be ok, I know that Will has good intentions; he wants the time alone with his son but also the time with me and Harry, he’s not trying to shut us out, that’s just his mum lol, you can’t win them all! xxx

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