I missed you

Sorry for not having a picture up….and leaving. I tried to do vlogs and honestly, it’s not for me. This was a great source of being intimate with other great writers. 

Why did I leave? I wanted to do something different and I did. This like I said, is where I belong. Writing and sharing ideas among the hidden. When it’s out in those words, it sounds like a secret cult or something. Hahaha!!!

Anyway, I’m done vlogging and would rather be here. Thank you to savedbygrace for reminding me that it’s okay to come back and not feel ashamed for leaving in the first place. 

I guess that means my next entry should be really good, yeah?

3 thoughts on “I missed you”

  1. dome1234…it’s definitely a lot to take in. It all starts with your mind and what you want to convey to “Your” audience. I didn’t feel personal when I did it. The minds and imaginations on this site happened to fill that void that I wanted to fill for a long time.
    Start out small, record yourself and see how you feel. I’m camera shy and I sound like an old surfer (sort of like Crush from Finding Nemo/Dori). If you like it…go for it!

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