Steadfast…yet still.

Silently strong but secretively suffering.

Society smiles, so I smile.

Scratching at my sins…they stay.

Should I?

I shan’t…


Still scared…

Still silently strong but no longer suffering.


As you can tell, I wanted to get back into things. I couldn’t wait for my typical mornings to put an entry up so…with offspring Trick or Treating with his mom, I decided to capitalize on this opportune moment to squeeze one out here.

Like all great pieces of writing, they are always up for interpretation.

What do you think this is about? (You don’t have to comment)

Just ask yourself in a “Depressed” way and then once you embraced it, ask yourself in a “Hopeful” way. It’s funny how they correlate with feelings that we suppressed, both good and bad. It’s about perception my friends.



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