Day Two

I had a great day all day today.   

Till I got home that is…   uugggggggg!   I love my family and my parents.   But sometimes I can’t stand them.   The arguing,  the bickering the stupid nonsense of Day to Day idiotic stubbornness .

I’m so not like them.   I look and crave for peace in everything,  try to find bliss and fluidity in everything,  they look at the negative,  and constantly need to prove that the other is right.    Does it even mater?   Really.  Can you just be the bigger person and move on?   

My parents have a point…  I mean it’s their house,   It’s their rules.   I get it.   They’re not young anymore.   Their health is failing,    They need more care.     I try to go be it to them.   I try to make their life happy.    I don’t mind helping them,   Actually I’m honored to be able to help them.   I just wish they could all get along.    They’re just so focused on proving the other wrong.   

Anyways I’m glad to be able to get this out and off my chest.   My life is wonderful and I wouldn’t change any of it,  I just wish we could be kinder to each other ,  we all have problems and we all go through stuff.   No ones life is easy… some of us have it harder than others,  wish they would realize that.


Good night 

2 thoughts on “Day Two”

  1. Hi, Pumpkin Spice! I so identify with your journal entry. I am blessed because now that I’m older it’s just my husband and me and we are as peaceable as two old sheep in green grass. But when loved ones argue and create strife (even mildly) it is so distressing. I am sure you love both of them, and they are supposed to be a nest of love and safety to their children of any age. I am so sorry yours are not that for you. I’m not sure I’m saying this very well (actually, pretty sure I’m not—but it is 3:00 a.m. and I’m half-asleep.) I just want to say I think it is beautiful that you keep your heart in love even though there is strife around you. You seem to have learned how to maintain your peace of mind, and that is wonderful. Few people can do that. Bless you!

  2. You’re doing what you can do by being sure that you maintain the outlook on life that you want to have. Don’t let the attitudes and actions of the people around you get in the way of the perspective you want to keep.

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