Hangout with a middle school friend!

Today was very awesome, finally hangout with a middle school friend of mine. It been many years that we never hangout. Since 2004. We went to different high school… as we catching up with each other it was awesome we told each other what we going threw in life and how we both still have overprotective parents and we are 26 years old. We both feel so held back from parents and yet our patients give us lots of anxiety. As the conversation goes on… we had talked about back in middle school times where was fun and no need to deal with drama  like in high school. Then we also talk about relationships like dating and how much experience we had. It was a wonderful day. I was shocked that he have more negative thoughts than me. As he feeling down… as a friend need to get that friend back up and give positive advices and that’s what I did. 

Is a very good hang out. Hope to hangout more.

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